Monday, April 7, 2014

Why is Advertising Important to You?

Social media provides a personalized venue to connect with your customers. In social media, you have the ability to speak with customers in their own realm, in a place that they are comfortable with. You have the ability to shape customers' perceptions of your company while you are connecting with them on a personal level. Social media is a way of managing your online reputation. You are able to get customers to feel positively about your company in a medium that offers little risk and high reward.

There are three main rewards offered through social media.
  1. Low Cost
    - Social Media helps businesses better their customer service, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
  2. High Revenue
    - Having increased direct communication with social consumers allows for stronger engagement. The increased engagement causes these consumers to influence others, which shapes others' opinions and in turn expands the customer base, increasing new business.
  3. Brand Building
    - Social media can help increase awareness of your company and your brand while building brand value. Using social media initiatives to increase the value of your company's products and services is how you will stay ahead of your competition.

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