Monday, April 7, 2014


Twitter is another example of social media. Twitter is a very effective way to use online advertising. Immediately when you go onto Twitter, the entire left side of the page is taken up with advertisements. This includes three people you may know. These people are usually people who are nearby your location or people who are friends with similar people as you. Beneath the people you may know are trending topics. Trending shows users the popular topics and hashtags (#) that people are talking about on Twitter. Clicking on a topic that's trending allows you to see what people are saying about it. Below the trending section is the advertisement section. In the bottom section you  can click on the ads info, advertisement or business tab. These tabs all give you the options to check advertisements and find out how to do ads or find information about the specific ads on the site. Twitter is another good place to see advertising and trends in social media atmosphere.

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