Monday, April 7, 2014

Why is Advertising Important to You?

Social media provides a personalized venue to connect with your customers. In social media, you have the ability to speak with customers in their own realm, in a place that they are comfortable with. You have the ability to shape customers' perceptions of your company while you are connecting with them on a personal level. Social media is a way of managing your online reputation. You are able to get customers to feel positively about your company in a medium that offers little risk and high reward.

There are three main rewards offered through social media.
  1. Low Cost
    - Social Media helps businesses better their customer service, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
  2. High Revenue
    - Having increased direct communication with social consumers allows for stronger engagement. The increased engagement causes these consumers to influence others, which shapes others' opinions and in turn expands the customer base, increasing new business.
  3. Brand Building
    - Social media can help increase awareness of your company and your brand while building brand value. Using social media initiatives to increase the value of your company's products and services is how you will stay ahead of your competition.


Twitter is another example of social media. Twitter is a very effective way to use online advertising. Immediately when you go onto Twitter, the entire left side of the page is taken up with advertisements. This includes three people you may know. These people are usually people who are nearby your location or people who are friends with similar people as you. Beneath the people you may know are trending topics. Trending shows users the popular topics and hashtags (#) that people are talking about on Twitter. Clicking on a topic that's trending allows you to see what people are saying about it. Below the trending section is the advertisement section. In the bottom section you  can click on the ads info, advertisement or business tab. These tabs all give you the options to check advertisements and find out how to do ads or find information about the specific ads on the site. Twitter is another good place to see advertising and trends in social media atmosphere.


Facebook is one example of social media. Facebook is a very effective way to use online advertising. Immediately when one goes onto the site Facebook, the entire right side of the page is taken up completely with advertisements. This includes three topics that are trending. Trending shows users the popular topics and hashtags (#) that people are talking about on Facebook. People and Pages who've shared stories with you will be visible to you on your home page. Also stories that have been shared as Public will be viewable. Another option while on the home page, you can just click on a topic that's trending to see what people are saying about it. Below the trending section is the advertisement section. In this section there are six different ads that rotate every time you refresh the page, click on a different page, or click on a hyperlink. These advertisements all contain pictures and hyperlinks alongside the paragraphs describing things about their company or brand. There are Sponsored advertisements and other advertisements that are for your area. Each of the links is intended for you based on interests you may have. Facebook does a very good job directing advertisements to people that they impact the most and that's why they are a great source of social media advertising.

Social Media

The internet is a world of its own entirely. When using the internet to provide advertisements through social media there are so many different things a business can do. There are many different sites that one can use on the internet to provide advertising for consumers who regularly use social media. Different styles of advertising can also be present on different social media sites as not all sites follow the same format and therefore aren't conducive to the same style of advertising. Figuring out which style works best for each consumer on each social media site is crucial to the success of online advertising. Businesses really have the world in the palm of their hands when using social media for their advertising campaigns.


Advertising is key to any company's success. With all the new mediums available to businesses in the workplace today, advertisements are very important. There are many ways to get your business out there in the world today and the most popular way is through the internet. Business blogs can help run an effective social media advertising campaign. Blogs help supply a business with fresh, new content that is gives important information to consumers. This allows the business to be a part of the social community. It also allows the business to attract users to their site. The traffic generated from these social media sites is focused on a specific group of users based on what types of things those users are interested in. The people that see your specific ads will be the ones who already find your products interesting. The biggest key on these social media networks is to not go overboard on your selling point. It is important that you strive to teach the consumers about the company rather than pushing its products and services onto the customers. This way the audience is able to see the business as less of a marketer but more of a source of information. This type of advertising from business to consumer fosters a strong relationship that will last over time.