Monday, April 7, 2014


Facebook is one example of social media. Facebook is a very effective way to use online advertising. Immediately when one goes onto the site Facebook, the entire right side of the page is taken up completely with advertisements. This includes three topics that are trending. Trending shows users the popular topics and hashtags (#) that people are talking about on Facebook. People and Pages who've shared stories with you will be visible to you on your home page. Also stories that have been shared as Public will be viewable. Another option while on the home page, you can just click on a topic that's trending to see what people are saying about it. Below the trending section is the advertisement section. In this section there are six different ads that rotate every time you refresh the page, click on a different page, or click on a hyperlink. These advertisements all contain pictures and hyperlinks alongside the paragraphs describing things about their company or brand. There are Sponsored advertisements and other advertisements that are for your area. Each of the links is intended for you based on interests you may have. Facebook does a very good job directing advertisements to people that they impact the most and that's why they are a great source of social media advertising.

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